Orienteering sport is a lifestyle, and for me this style is integral part of life. It's my hobby and passion since the age of 12, when I start in orienteering club OK Azimuts 1991st year. Thanks to this sport, I have traveled almost all over Latvia and I've got so many Latvian cities and forest orienteering map, that I decided to create my own maps archive. Also moves to England, I could not forget about the orienteering, so I was looking where I can find some checkpoints in England, and I came. 2007th joined the English orienteering club Aire, and in the meantime has collected more than 100 British orienteering map, and so I created my digital archive of orienteering maps. Under title <Maps> are found all of my orienteering maps of England, and gradually over time I include all orienteering maps of Latvia, starting with my first map of the historical 1991st year. This digital map archive I created even so that I bought a Garmin Forerunner 305 watch, and to view and analyze as I make the distance, after every race map need to digitize. Ideal watch for orienteering sport who is already interesting and makes it even more interesting. Currently my map collection include more than 700 orienteering maps.